Gothic Clothing & Apparel

Welcome to Cradle of Goth. We are the dark spirits emerging from the night to bring to you everything related to gothic fashion.

If you are looking for occult clothing or adding some dark pieces to your existing goth fashion wardrobe, you have come to the right place. At Cradle of Goth, we offer a wide variety of items, ranging from the themes of corporate goth to demon goth, and deliver to your doorsteps at no cost. Yes, that is correct! Most of our accessories and clothes come with free shipping.

Among our collections, you will find a profusion of black velvets, elegant yet dark dresses carefully matched with graciously designed jewelry depicting occult themes of goth fashion. 

Cradle of Goth is a goth fashion revolt against the slick fashions that came out of the disco era and the colorful pastels and extravagance that came after. However, there is more than long black coats, tightly fitted corsets, and dark glasses that we bring to the occult clothing world of goth. 

Our designer clothing emphasizes the sombre baselines of the Sisters of Mercy and goes far beyond the macabre angst and romanticism associated with horror movies and vampire fiction. We bring a never-seen-before level of distinctive appearance. 

From the formality of corporate goth to the darkness of occult clothing, Cradle of Goth brings you gothic fashion like never before.


Cradle of Goth we have our eye on the conspicuously dark, mysterious, and antiquated fashion style. Even though the contemporary goth scene has existed for over 2 decades, our store did not come to live until 2017. 

We like to bring to your attention goth clothing that is easily identified by its dark forms of glamour. These are not simply black shirts and dresses, but rather, artfully designed and stylish accessories and clothes that originate from the Victorian cult of morning.