4 Basic Goth Fashion Must-Haves

Goth fashion is often recognizable because it prefers black clothing. But it's a bit more complex than simply black clothing. Goth style has originated from Victorian mourning clothes and has taken inspiration from it to evolve into the various styles that exist today. Whether you are into Cyber Goth, Renaissance Goth, or Victorian Goth looks, we have listed some basic fashion items that you should own.

  • Studs & Spikes

  • Studs and spikes can be seen on jackets, trousers, boots, and accessories. A casual outfit can be adorned with spikes and is a great way to spice up your outfit. Your sneakers, boots, leather jackets, and accessories can all be revamped by adding spikes and studs to the collars or cuffs. 

  • Lace 

  • Lace helps to add a vintage and Victorian vibe to Goth outfits. Laced tunics or dresses emphasize the goth vibe and make the outfits unique. The lace tops are available with other materials like mesh, fishnet, and other sheer materials. 

    Lace accessories likea lace choker are a stylish addition to your outfit. You can take inspiration from Lydia Deetz from the movie Beetlejuice and see how good it would look.

  • Boots

  • knee-high boots
  • Boots are one of the most popular choices of footwear in goths' closets. Combat boots, heeled boots, and knee-high boots are some of the most common styles worn in goth fashion. Combat shoes can be comfortable and still complete your goth vibe. Heeled boots can be worn with your jeans, shorts, dresses, and skirts and add style to your look. Knee-high boots with laces up the front can be a statement piece and complete your outfit. 

  • Black Eyeliner

  • Black eyeliner is a perfect addition to your goth outfit. Bold winged liner and smoky eye shadow is one look. Another simple option is to use black eyeliner around your eyes and smudge it to complete dark eyes. 

    Makeup allows you to be creative as well. Using eyeliner for more graphic designs on your eyelids is can spruce up your look.

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