4 Gifts for Goth Friends

It can be hard to come up with ideas for gifts for your friend. If you don't understand goth culture, you may need help choosing an appropriate gift. Instead of taking a shot in the dark, you can browse through this list we've prepared. 

  • Bath Bombs

  • A black bath bomb is an amazing gift for your friend. By gifting your goth friend a bath bomb, you are gifting them an hour's worth of relaxation. A black bath bomb usually consists of activated charcoal to bring about that dark color. When it's dissolved in water, the bath bomb doesn't just nourish the skin, but also turns it inky black and transports your friend to another galaxy.

  • Candles

  • three candles in a row
  • Candles and candle holders are a great gift for your goth friend. Candles are eerie and when lit can add a goth vibe to your room. So, you can find skull-shaped candles that scream goth, or, you can opt for a simple white candle with fragrances such as vanilla, black leather, notes of rose, and cloves. These candles will look perfect in antique candle stands that are inspired by Victorian times. 

  • Rings

  • Goth jewelry is usually available in silver and other metallic substitutes. While goths do not attach much meaning to materialistic possessions, their jewelry is another mode used to express themselves. Goths can be seen wearing multiple rings on their fingers which are carved with various designs. They can be inlaid with precious stones or can be full-finger rings that cover their fingers like a claw—a favorite among goths. 

  • Eye-Shadow Palette

  • Goth makeup is a significant aspect of a goth's appearance. Whether they're a Victorian Goth or Cyber Goth, makeup is used in various ways. The pale foundation is commonly applied to the skin, and dark eyeliner and lipsticks are used in contrast. Black eye makeup is very popular, but other colors such as purple, greens, and reds have also gained popularity. An eye-shadow palette is a great gift for your goth friend that they can use for experiments. 

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