4 Goth Products for Your Home

Being part of the goth subculture may seem dark, but it's not all that. Your house doesn't have to be dark and spooky. Instead, you can incorporate a few goth-inspired items into your house that fit in with your décor.

Some products that you can buy to display your Gothic tendencies apart from goth clothing have been recommended below. 

  • Spooky Candles

  • Candles are the simplest way to introduce a Gothic vibe to your house. You can purchase antique candelabras with thin white candles for a spooky vibe. Or, you can purchase black candles that bring a touch of dark color into your house. 

    You can also use these candles in your bathroom during your baths. Light the candles around you to create a relaxing experience as you transport yourself back to Victorian times. 

  • Wallpaper 

  • The easiest way to drastically change a room's appearance is to change the colors of your wall. You could paint the walls a darker color for the Gothic vibes. Or, you could choose a patterned wallpaper that is adorned with gothic patterns. 

    Adorn your walls with gold accessories. The contrast will make the wall stand out and immediately bring new life to your room. A golden mirror or a chandelier can catch the eye and add to the goth feel. 

  • Black Bed Accessories

  •  black wall and pillows
  • Black bedspreads, comforters, pillows, and cushions are not boring. If the rest of your room is lighter, a darker bed will immediately catch the eye. Bedspreads with gothic patterns, roses, skulls, are some ways you can bring the goth look to your bedroom. 

    You can apply the same rules to the rugs, carpets, chairs, and other furniture in your room. Dark colors like black, gray, and purple have a Gothic and romantic look that will work well together. 

  • Artwork & Murals

  • You can bring more of your Gothic personality into your room by adding artwork on the walls. You can find paintings with dark themes and colors in your local market and even find prints and canvases online. Adding a painting to the room, in an antique frame, is the perfect way to enhance the goth effect. 

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