Goth Bling – Must-Have Goth Jewelry

Are you planning to add new pieces to your goth jewelry collection? Or do you want to change your fashion statement? Either way, you’ve landed at the right place. 

Gothic fashion has been around for centuries. The most common features of gothic clothing and style are dark makeup, black clothes, and goth jewelry

The most common elements found in goth jewelry are roses, demons, bats, crosses, and skeletons. If you want help in transforming your traditional jewelry collection into goth jewelry, you must get used to wearing jewelry featuring these elements. 

However, if you haven’t identified your signature fashion statement yet, here’s a list of must-have goth jewelry items that’ll instantly elevate your goth look.

Gothic Choker Necklace

 Goth choker from Cradle of Goth

These chokers are a goth fashion statement! This chic and handmade choker will set you apart from the crowd and will make people curious about your dark and mysterious personality. A simple yet gothic choker will allow you to maintain a balanced look whether you’re at a party or a workplace. 

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Skull Necklace

Goth necklace from Cradle of Goth

The Power of Death necklace is a symbol of the basic principle, “remembering death.” This means that people should live each day as if it's their last. This unisex goth necklace makes up for the perfect gift for any guy or girl. 

It preserves its shine for a long time and doesn’t change its color. The hand below the skull represents holding on tight to a ball of energy. Each ball comes with different colors, so you need to choose any one type of energy that aligns with your personality.

The blue color represents calm and clarity, the black one represents strength and power, and the red one represents vengeance. 

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Bat Ring

Gothic bat ring from Cradle of Goth

Bats are a symbol of darkness, and every bat-loving goth must have this in their goth jewelry collection. They are mysterious and cute at the same time. 

It’s made of high-quality zinc alloy, and you can wear it with any outfit. 

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Rose Ring

Gothic bat ring from Cradle of Goth

A black rose adds an aesthetic yet gothic look to your attire. Add this stylish and dark black rose ring to your goth jewelry collection and you can combine these with skull necklaces to enhance your goth look. 

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Who’s stopping you from adding gorgeous and blingy goth jewelry to your collection? Shop trendy and affordable goth necklaces and rings from Cradle of Goth.  We have a wide range of unique goth jewelry collections. Contact now for more details.