4 Goth Makeup Looks to Try This Fall

Are you tired of wearing the same old makeup look every day? No need to worry. There is a multitude of goth makeup looks that you can enjoy doing on yourself this fall. Don’t stick to wearing black lipstick throughout the season. Experiment with your look using trending makeup styles while maintaining your gothic identity. 

Pair your goth clothing with something different this fall. Try these fantastic goth makeup looks to take your fall goth outfits to the next level.

Glittery Glam Goth Makeup

This year’s fall is all about going full glam. Goth or not, glittery looks are in full swing, and you can easily incorporate them into your gothic style. Get your hands on a good eyeshadow palette that offers a wide range of glittery eyeshadows. 

Skip the basic eye looks and go for something more glam and darker. Prep your eyes for eyeshadows, deepen the outer corners with dark eyeshadow, and fill in the center with glitter eyeshadow. Apply the rest of your makeup like you would usually and see how different you look. 

Soft Makeup with Dark Lips

If you’re not good with eyeshadows, make a statement using bold and dark lips. Go for a soft eye look without any shimmer or glitter. You can use different variations of browns to create this. Add your false lashes on top to enhance the look of your eyes. 

Once the eyes are done, move on to your lips. Choose between dark colors, including black, purple, blood red, maroon, green, etc., depending on your preference. 

Basic Black Lipstick Look

If you love black lipstick, then you shouldn’t be afraid of wearing it all the time this fall. Black lipsticks are fashionable and will keep you close to your gothic culture. With this on, you don’t need to do anything else on your face. 

Wear your black lipstick loud and proud on a clear face, with subtle makeup on, or with a full glam look. 

Makeup tools for goths

Pastel Goth Look

Pastel goth makeup looks are rare, but this fall is all about using different colors to pull off your goth look. Purple makeup is a favorite of many for the fall. Instead of wearing all-black makeup, venture out and try different colors to create your goth look. 

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