A Guide to Becoming a Goth

The goth subculture is very different as it tends to stray away from mainstream society. This dark world has become a diverse collection of various subcultures open to individuality. There's a lot more to the subculture than simply wearing dark and spooky clothing. If you're interested in learning more about the Goth world, continue reading along. 

Listen to the Music that Started it All

To learn what the goth subculture is, you need to delve into the history and origins of the subculture. To become a true goth, you need to respect goth music. Nico is cited as the first person to record a true goth album, The Marble Index. Goth rock was born from the post-punk music released during the 70s and 80s. Bauhaus was credited to have released the first true goth record, "Bela Lugosi's Dead".

The Batcave was a nightclub in London and was the beginning of the goth culture becoming more popular. While the club never labeled itself as 'goth', it was the beginning of the goth culture. 

Learn How the Music Evolved


Deathrock originated around the same time that Goth did in the UK. It was heard first in California and was a version of punk rock combined with glam rock elements. The sound was made popular by Kommunity FK, 45 Grave, and Christian Death. 


Darkwave was a variation of goth rock. In the 80s, the sound was a mixture of new wave and synthpop but was made darker by the lyrics and melancholic feel. Darkwave evolved into a separate genre later on. The bands that brought the sound to the limelight were Xymox and Black Tape for a Blue Girl.


Coldwave came from darkwave, and the term was first used by Vivien Goldman when she reviewed The Scream. The sound became increasingly popular in Europe and was made famous by Memorial Voice and Charles De Goal.

gothic style

Bring Your inner Goth Outside

Goth fashion is a great way to bring out your inner Goth. The fashion at the beginning was mainly inspired by the artists and musicians. But what the Goth subculture focused on was being individualistic. The fashion later transformed and evolved into the various styles today, such as Cybergoth, Romantic Goth, gothic Lolita, and traditional Goth.

Having studs and spikes on jackets, pants, boots, and your accessories can make it edgy. It can elevate a casual outfit and makes a great addition to your wardrobe. Lace can be worn to add a vintage vibe to your Goth outfits and make them one of a kind. Knee-high boots are another staple in goth wardrobes that can accentuate a simple dress and looks good with everything.

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