Do Goths Only Have to Wear Black?

One of the ways that Goths may be identified is by the color black. Black is preferred by the goth scene, and before that, it was a huge part of the punk scene. But Goths don’t always wear black. Some may wear black because it expresses how they feel. Some may wear black, just because they like the color. There is no concrete reason for their affinity to wearing black. The color symbolizes the night, mystery, death, intrigue and is commonly used to symbolize these themes in music, cinema, literature, and art. 

How black became part of the Goth identity?

The color was first made popular by punk and post-punk artists in the music industry. Punks wore black to separate themselves from pop enthusiasts who preferred black colors. Goth was inspired by punk and post-punk, which is where their affinity to the color black started. You can see artists from the 80s clad in all-black outfits made of leather, PVC, and fishnet accompanied by bold makeup. 

How has Goth fashion evolved?

If you wanted to dive back into 80s goth styles, you could see it being showcased by various artists. From The Cure to Bauhaus, the goth style could be seen in the simple outfits of Ian Curtis of Joy Division or the more avant-garde styles of Siouxsie Sioux from Siouxsie and the Banshees.

But since then, goth fashion has transformed drastically and divided into various other categories. These categories don’t conform to the ideas of the early artists but have been transformed into different styles by the fans.

goth style


Cyber Goth

The cybergoth style is one of the wildest versions of the goth style. It is a combination of traditional Goth combined with the vibe of industrial metal that is popular during raves. This particular style is inspired by sci-fi themes, and cyber Goths can be seen wearing a lot of neon, goggles, platform boots, leather, and PVC.

Gothic Lolita

Gothic Lolita is inspired by Victorian-era fashion and an added level of cuteness. This is a subculture that originated in Japan. The style became popular in the 90s and once again came into the mainstream media in 2010. Black is not the only color they wear, they also sport pastels and other colorful outfits. 

Pastel Goth

Pastel Goths are known for wearing pastel shades instead of the dark, somber colors that goths are known for. While this may seem different from traditional goths, pastel goths are just like any other goth style. Gothic style was made into what it is today by adding light and pastel colors to their outfits. Pastel shades are taken one step further by also adding pastel hair colors. This look is further enhanced by piercings and tattoos, along with dark makeup.

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