Dress like A Pastel Goth

Pastel goth is a combination of goth and grunge styles that include pastel shades inspired by kawaii culture. The origins of the style can be traced back to the start of this decade on and was then made even more popular on Tumblr. The relatively new trend seems to be here to stay as the style continues to gain traction. To see what elements make up the style, have a look at the list below. 

  • The Color Of Your Hair

  • Pastel goths don't just wear black and dark shades that goths are more popularly known. One of the ways that pastel goths stand out is by dyeing their hair in pastel shades or wearing light wigs and extensions. With those shades, they style their hair in cute and girly looks. They style their hair in ponytails, braids, and fringes to ramp up their overall look. 

  • Include Pastel Colors, Of Course

  • Shades such as pastel purples, pastel pinks, pastel blues, and pastel greens are popular among goths who like to incorporate color into their daily garb. These shades go well with black and the wearer can show off their edge alongside their sweeter side. Holographic colors are also very common. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors! 

    dark shades of lipstick
  • Add Patterns

  • Patterns can also help you add layers to the outfit. Prints such as skulls, chains, bats, on pastel shades can add depth to your look. The pattern can be on your leggings, jackets, shorts, or t-shirts. Mix and match your pieces to create subtle or eccentric ensembles. Corsets can be worn in bright colors or pastel shades as a nod to their traditional gothic roots. 

  • Accessorize your Outfit

  • Accessories are very important for pastel goths as they can help by adding color or a cute vibe to the look. You can combine traditional goth accessories in light shades or cute patterns and graphics in darker colors. 

    Hair accessories are particularly popular. Flower crowns, hair clips, hair bands, bows, leather bracelets, chokers, rings, and leg warmers are worn to spice up any outfit. Spikes and studs on the accessories can bring the gothic look to the forefront. 

  • Pay attention to your makeup

  • Your makeup is easily the easiest way for you to bring the entire look together. A strong but obvious base is necessary to help the makeup stand out. Black lipsticks can create a contrast that is very similar to traditional gothic makeup. Lighter-colored contacts can create a striking effect. Avoid making everything too light or too dark and remember that distinction in your makeup can make it stand out.

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