Here’s How to Understand Your Goth Loving Teen

Black clothes, dark makeup, and hair, listening to scary music. This usually means you’ve got a goth teen in your life!

At a time when self-expression is a priority, most teens turn to the dark side to exhibit their freedom and fashion. 

Goth is a subculture that has strong roots in the punk and heavy metal scenes. It’s been around for decades and has also gained recognition in the world of fashion.

Here’s a guide to understanding your goth loving teen, so that you can be their cheerleader as they find themselves and grow into who they truly are.

What is Gothicism?

The word “goth” can have different meanings depending on who you ask, but most people agree that goths are typically characterized by black clothing, fascinated by death. Goths also often wear makeup and jewelry like chains or spikes.

The subculture emerged in the United Kingdom in the early 1970s or 80s; however, most people believe that it had been around for a while and was just given a name then.

Contrary to popular opinion, gothic teens do not turn to the dark side in an attempt to conceal their pain. They actually find beauty, freedom, and self-expression in ascribing to a certain group and dressing up like them.

Gothicism in itself is free from the ties of any religion. Your goth loving teen might continue to believe in Christianity or may drift apart. This is largely dependent on the internal beliefs and friendships they form.

Gothic Apparel

While Gothicism is characterized by darkness, it’s not devoid of beauty.

Wearing all-black and dressing a certain way is a way of standing out in society. Certain styles and fabrics, including velvet, goth boots, goth gloves, goth masks, goth corsets, leather, and straps, are defining features of Goths.

While black seems to be the order of the day for Goth lovers, it isn’t just limited to it. The Gothic look is all about individuality and expression. Your teenager might be drawn to other deeper shades such as purples and blues-based on their liking.

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How to Support Them?

Whether it’s a phase or a lifestyle switch, your support can create a safe space for your teenager. 

Patience and acceptance are the keys. Studies suggest that goth teens are more susceptible to suffering from mental health issues. A major reason for this is the rejection and abandonment they face from family members or peers.

Small gestures such as joking with them, sending them a sweet text message, lending a listening ear to them, and being excited about their discoveries can prove beneficial.

You can also go the extra mile to buy them goth jewelry, goth apparel, and goth home décor from our store to show them that they’re not just accepted, but also supported. 

Becoming a part of their goth lifestyle will help develop a safer and stronger relationship between the two of you.

A goth dress from the cradle of goth

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In 2021, don’t let your fears consume you! Embrace change and embrace your goth-loving teen.

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