How to Step Up Your Goth Look

Dressing up like a Goth is a bit more complicated than people may assume. While most believe that wearing enough black is more than enough, that simply isn't true. A variety of goth looks and subgenres have emerged over the past few decades. Fashion varies drastically and allows you to find something for yourself. You can create your style and, in turn, create a new identity that you're truly satisfied with. Remember, being truly happy in your skin is what being a Goth is all about. 

Wearing the Right Outfit

You can spruce up your wardrobe by adding some more items to it, apart from the standard black tee and leather jacket. The goth style allows you to be sultry and sexy. If you haven't thought of it before, you might want to explore goth harnesses, garters, bras, and even goth lingerie. You can also research and look at the latest runway styles that also take inspiration from gothic art and music. You can find new pieces for your wardrobe at Cradle of Goth.  

Explore New Makeup

Over the last few years, a focus on makeup has changed the way we dress up. Every day new trends or techniques are emerging, helping us paint our faces. Our faces have become a canvas for burgeoning makeup artists to showcase their talents on. You, too, can bring out a new side in your look by simply changing the shape of your eyeliner or opting for a red lip instead of the standard nude. You can also add colors to your face because Goth is about more than just black.

 makeup tools

Add an Edge to Your Look

Goth looks are nothing if not edgy. And how do you show off your edge? It's simple. If you're new to the goth scene, wearing black clothes is just the start. Begin adding layers to your outfits and look for accessorized items. A leather jacket is cool, but it's better with buckles, studs, and zippers. Similarly, adding a bit of red to your makeup can indicate your inclination to being a Romantic Goth without having to wear an old-timey gown. There are no set rules to follow as long as you are authentic. 

Where Should You Begin?

It may be overwhelming to consider changing your style over a matter of a few days, not to mention very extensively. You don't have to hurry through the process. Instead, take your time and try to see what best speaks to you. Once you know where to start, take the time to find signature pieces that can bring out your true style. 

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