The Best Things About Being a Goth Lover

The best thing about being a goth lover is that you are undeniably true to yourself. You have embraced the dark elements in your life and proudly showcase them through your gothic fashion

The gothic subculture started during the early 1980s in the UK. Today, it’s become a major lifestyle choice of many people who are attracted to the dark, mysterious vibes that the subculture offers. 

Let’s have a look at some of the best things about being a goth here.

You’ve Got a Great Collection of Unique Items

While most collectors have eyes for ordinary items, goths are more interested in unique and mysterious ones. At one point, you’ll have a collection of all the best gothic accessories, novels, animal bones, and whatnot.

Collecting these items will bring more personality to your gothic side. From scary figurines to skulls, there’s so much to add to your collection without it seeming childish or odd.

You Can Shop Easily 

If you’ve been a goth all your life, you know how easy shopping is. There’s no need to go through collections over collections to add to your wardrobe. You can find gothic clothing, makeup, accessories, and even footwear according to your gothic style from specific goth stores. 

As you grow older, you access more goth styles, including posh, cyber, boho, or health goth. However, the best thing about being a goth is that no matter what style you have, the basic gothic elements stay the same. 

Others also have an easier time getting you gifts as they’re aware of your specific gothic style. You won’t say no to a gothic necklace or a crystal skull glass now, would you?

 Gothic girl wearing dark makeup

You’re More Culturally Advanced

While everyone else was busy trying to be a part of the popular group in high school, you were busy trying to understand yourself better. Connecting with the gothic side gave you access to quality gothic literature and music. 

Rather than being wrapped in a bubble, you were out reading Poe and listening to The Sisters of Mercy. The gothic culture grooms you and enables you to be more tolerant of others because of its literature, music, and social circles. 

Being Alone is Not Scary for You

Many people hate being alone and are always looking to others for validation. This doesn’t apply to goths. You are a force of your own and have accepted being alone. Instead of thinking about being around people all the time, you prefer the alone time that you get. 

Being alone helps you reflect on yourself, learn more about the world and the goth culture, dive into the world of gothic fiction, and so much more.

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