The Many Goth Styles

As time passes, things around us evolve. This not only applies to human beings but to art, cinema, and fashion as well. The goth subgenre in music was inspired by glam rock and post-punk. Similarly, goth fashion was inspired by Victorian funeral dresses. But that's not how we identify goth style today. In modern times, the goth style focuses on expressing individuality. We get to express our personality by the way we dress. This has originated in several goth styles over time, some of which have been explained below. 

Traditional Goth

The traditional goth style goes back to the 80s during the rise of goth bands and music. It mainly featured pale makeup, with dark eyes and lips. This was accompanied by edgy hairstyles that were bold and unique. The clothes included boots, fishnets, graphic tees, and a lot of leather. The trends were inspired by band members from iconic bands such as Siouxsie Sioux or Joy Division. 

Romantic Goth

Romantic Goths find their inspirations from Victorian times. The dark, mysterious, and sad look that could be seen during funerals was used as the basis for the romantic goth look. While the women left the puffy dresses behind, they have continued to wear corsets, lace, veils, and dainty umbrellas as accessories. Many of them tend to add a pop of red or maroon to their wardrobe.

gothic fashion

Pastel Goth

Pastel goth is simply a goth in pastel shades. While this may seem confusing, pastel goths are a goth style as well. Gothic style was further personalized by some individuals, and they added light colors to the mix. The pastel shades are usually very pale and are taken a step further by pastel hair colors. 

Vampire Goth

The vampire goth style is exactly what it sounds like. These goths have an affinity with vampires and try to embody what a vampire would wear today. The style is a mix between traditional goths and romantic goths. The pale makeup and dark eyes are with the old-timey dressing bring the whole look together. Some may even prefer to add fake teeth to bring the look together.

Cyber Goth

Cyber Goth emerged in the 90s, and combined traditional goth with the industrial metal and heavy metal sounds commonly heard in raves. What emerged was a dystopian look that seemed futuristic with various sci-fi elements. Shaved heads, neon colors, platform boots, bondage trousers, duster coats, PVC, leather, goggles, and piercings are just items worn by cyber goths. 

Gothic Lolita

In the late 90s, a combination of gothic and Lolita fashions emerged and was identified as gothic Lolita. The Lolita side is inspired by Victorian fashion and shapes and combines it with makeup that looks natural enough at the end. This style allows the wearer to choose any color, whether it's black or pink.

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