What is Vampire Goth?

Vampire goth can be described as a mesh between romantic goths and vampirism. Vampires are fictional supernatural creatures from folklore, commonly believed to consume blood for survival. They are undead creatures according to most fictional works that became a source of fascination for some goths. This admiration for the supernatural brought into existence the vampire goth that has become increasingly popular. 

Impact of Fiction on the Vampire Goth Subculture

Early Works

Fictional works are credited for the current infatuation people seem to have with vampires. Vampires are easily the most influential piece of gothic literature that can be seen in pop culture today. Its origins can be traced back to Slavic folklore from where the first mention of the myth was written in 1797 in Bride of Corinth by Johann Goethe. In English literature, the first mention of a vampire was during the same year in the poem Thalaba the Destroyer by Robert Southey. 

Bram Stoker

Almost a hundred years later in 1897, Bram Stoker released Dracula, which became the most popular piece of vampire fiction ever written. It was his depiction of a vampire that became a trademark for all future fiction about vampires. That book popularized the idea that a vampire could turn into a bat, slept in coffins, could be killed by a stake to the heart, could control wolves, had no reflection and had a pale complexion with blood-red lips and eyes. 

Anne Rice

Anne Rice went on to release The Vampire Chronicles, which featured vampires in a gothic horror setting. The vampires resembled the outline set by Bram Stoker to some extent but were much more fashionable than the Count. Lestat became a popular figure for vampire goths to emulate. Her books present vampires in a dark and mysterious atmosphere and are shown wearing dark and elegant clothes to go with their styles. 

Vampire Goth Fashion 

Vampire fashion styles take a lot of cues from romantic goths. The outfits are inspired by Victorian-era funeral dresses and include a lot of lace, crochet, corsets, and black luxurious fabrics. The corsets help them achieve a more drastic silhouette with small waists that help show off the design of the dress. The clothes are a lot sexier and give the wearer a more sultry appearance that is inspired by vampires as well. 

The makeup takes cues from traditional goth and romantic goth subcultures as well. Pale faces, dark eyes, and dark lips are common. 

Their accessories are mainly silver with large gems and stones. They also tend to keep their long, pointed, and painted white, black, or red. In addition to this, they also wear fangs to complete their look.

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