Your Introduction to Cyber Goth Fashion

When you think of goth, you think of dark clothing, piercings, and pale complexions. That is not always the case. Cybergoth fashion incorporates bright colors into their outfits. It is one of the newer styles that emerged in the 90s and was inspired by goth culture and raves. It was in the 2000s that this subculture gained momentum. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it is a unique blend of old and new elements of gothic culture.

Clothing for Cybergoths

Cybergoth fashion is unique because of the blend of techno and goth. They use bright neon colors in their outfits to indicate they're partial to this particular subgenre. Their outfits make them easily recognizable. The bright colors are mixed in with black, fishnet stockings, platform boots, and goggles to complete their looks. Avant-garde accessories and gas masks are also used to bring everything together. 

Makeup for Cybergoths

Cybergoth makeup is also much more colorful than that preferred by other goth styles. Glow in the dark elements, neon colors, and patterns are highly popular with them. Pale complexions are still preferred to help the makeup and colors stand out. To do this they apply a layer of pale foundation as their base before they apply any color.

face piercings

Heavy eyeliner, false eyelashes, bright eye shadow, and bold lips are the trademarks of a cybergoth. Finally, you can put on an unnatural shade of contact lenses. 

Hairstyles for Cybergoths

Cybergoths prefer to wear their hair in long and messy styles. Neon strands and extensions are also used to make their hair color stand out. Dread falls are styled in braids and are a very popular add-on with their outfits. This is not all, some cybergoths also use wires in their hairstyles to add more volume and eccentricity. 

Accessories for Cybergoths

Leg warmers are often worn along with their boots and shoes to add a dash of color. Leather or metal body harnesses are added on top of their outfits. The girls adorn their long hair with bows and headbands, while both men and women are commonly seen wearing gas masks, respirators, and goggles. The accessories are adorned with radioactive symbols and biohazard warnings and covered with studs and spikes. 

Body Modifications for Cybergoths

As a cybergoth, you can adorn your body in a variety of ways, but one of the most popular ways is to pierce your body and face. Your face can be pierced over the brow, along the nose, over and under the lips, the tongue, or the dimple of your cheeks. The possibilities are endless.

Tattoos on the body can act as another outlet for them to express themselves. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to tattoos, and anything you like goes.

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