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The Tough Chick Jacket (Vegan)  - Cradle Of Goth The Tough Chick Jacket (Vegan) Gray / S - Cradle Of Goth
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Goth Style Coats and Jackets

When the wind is howling something wicked and the rain is lashing down on you, let your gothic nature protect you with Cradle of Goth’s coats and jackets. Keep out the cold and damp or stop your skin bursting into flames from the sun’s rays. These coats and jackets flatter your rotten corpse of a body and keep you as warm as the devil’s bathwater.

All our coats and jackets come in classic black and a variety of different sizes, to bring out the evil in your eyes and match perfectly with your gothic wardrobe.

Gothic Coats Lined with Blood

We soak the lining of our coats in the blood of demonic monsters for a full 12 hours, to ensure every coat has a bold blood red lining. With every step you take, you flash red at your enemies, teasing the other goth-minded souls and scaring the wits out of the mere mortals.

If like Melisandre, you hail from Asshai and the Shadowlands, red is your best option. It brings out the true devil within your soul. Our Melisandre inspired coat is one option – certainly, a good one to select. But make sure you weigh it up against the Red Hooded Goth Coat too. Available in plus sizes, the tighter sleeves leave your hands exposed for spell casting and the thickly lined hood keeps your hair dry. Rain, sleet, snow, blood, fire and whatever else the heavens throw at you will just bounce right off.

To keep things classic and dark, our all-black coats are just waiting for you to try them on. They’re infused with dark magic to cloak you from the banality of the mortal world. The Winter Enchantress Trench Coat is ideal for commanding your dark forces ready for battle. Or you’re feeling particularly diabolical, The Worshipper’s Hooded Overcoat has just the right balance of flair and sinister vibes.

All our coats are equipped with everything needed to stay warm even though the vilest of dark winters.

Sinful Goth Jackets

As much as we curse and wish we could live in an eternal winter, the sun will eventually spring up. For those days when it’s too hot, hotter than hell, for your coat… you need a gothic jacket. At Cradle of Goth, our jackets are made in the same underground dungeon as our coats, ensuring only the best quality materials are used for out gothic patrons.

The Divine Villain Jacket, for example, is made with the tears of the damned instead of animal skins, for our vegan goths. The extra chunky collar is ideal for hiding vampire bite marks and we can’t help but adore the tight waist fit. This is the jacket we wear for casual trips to the nearest cauldron shop when we’ve run out of bat wings. The pockets are just perfect for hiding away charms and crystals.

At Cradle of Goth, the jackets and coats speak for themselves. Let their darkness envelope you and take you far away...