Snugly Hoodie (plus sizes available)

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Even us dark creatures get cold sometimes...And what's better than snuggling in a hoodie and watching a spooky movie? Or maybe putting some black candles out with some Motionless in White is more your style? The important thing is it doesn't matter! Every goth needs a cozy hoodie! No matter if you are having some hot chocolate on the couch with your loved one or if you are having some (let's be honest) much needed time alone with some good music, having the warmth of a good oversized hoodie is always a plus. Or maybe you need something to wear to your family get-together during the winter season. 
This soft piece is made of 100% cotton and goes all the way down to your knees, so not only will you be warm, but also have that spooky Dracula look added on the down-low. Oh, and the cat on the front is everything.
Choose from a variety of colors to suit your mood best! And yes, it is now on sale!

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Material: Cotton