Gothic Jewelry

Whether you’re looking for pendants and pins to channel your dark worshipping, or thick leather collars and cuffs to scare off the mortal folk, you’ve come to the right place.

Our gothic jewelry items eat pink, pretty, butterfly-adorned jewels for breakfast!

No goth is complete without at least one jewelry item. Because hey, who said wearing all black needs to be dull? The key is layering up and matching your gothic jewelry to achieve ultimate dark-goddess status.

Sharp spikes to match your personality and skin-tight chokers to accentuate that vampire pale throat are a must if you want people to take you seriously (and give you a wide berth on the sidewalk).

The jewelry here at Gothic Cradle is NOT for the faint-hearted. Enter at your own peril.

How to Coordinate Gothic Jewelry

These jewelry items are intimidating. That’s kind of the point.

So, it’s important they form an unholy alliance with the rest of your outfit, instead of sticking out like a creature of the night at a Kardashian fan club. *Shudder*.

Starting with the steampunk goths – your first stop should be our gothic watches, followed by vintage style goth pins and then a trip to our Accessories section to build up a dark, mechanical style.

You can’t go wrong with bracelets and chokers – they match everything from a plain black tee to a dark goddess corset with spidery black lace. Wear gothic jewelry over your sleeves and wrapped tightly around your neck.

Next up is the pendant necklaces. Layer up your chokers and collars with crystal pendants, ideal for capturing souls and casting curses. No goth should ever be without a pentagram pendant either, right? Just in case your day gets too cheerful.

Finally, to draw in your prey, attract other goth-gods and just express your inner devil, add detail to your outfit with rings, earrings and plugs – perfect for all of your piercings. These jewelry items are strong and well-made; they can keep up with any dark, gloomy or tumultuous lifestyle.

Churches, tanning salons, and pop mall stores. 3 places guaranteed to make any goth burst directly into flames. But why the hell would you want to go to those places anyway?!

As dark and mysterious as your body is, it’s still a temple you should keep far away from the mainstream jewelry rubbish everyone else is wearing.

Be bad@ss. Be bold. Snap up some of the unique gothic jewelry items here… before they snap back at you.